…because I cut paper!!

Today at school Caitlin has made a mothers day card and so the theme of the day has been mothers!!  One task they had was to say why they loved their Mum’s……  And yes Caitlin said….

” I love my Mummy because she cuts paper for me”

….I’m not entirely sure what to think of that…I do cut paper for her VERY OCCASIONALLY!!  But really I don’t do it that often….  How little ones minds work in mysterious ways!!

While Caitlin was at school deciding all of that me and Noah were at the new house painting!!  Basically I locked Noah into our bedroom with a stair gate and his scooter and painted in their room opposite….


Their room is extremely near to completion!!  I think I should get it finished tomorrow if I use the same tactics on Caitlin and Noah!!  Then once its dry in there I’ll trap them in their own room and get to work on painting our room.  Meanwhile Richard can get on with all the more technical jobs in the rest of the house!!!!!!!!!


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