More shopping!!

After yesterday’s post about my boring purchase for Number 3 I decided to take Caitlin and Noah out today to pick a present each….  They picked much more exciting presents than I bought but both are a bit on the girly side!!  First of all we went around Mamas and Papas and picked out all the toys that were around £5 and then they each chose one!  Caitlin of course chose a doll!!  Its a very cute doll but not really a unisex toy…but hey who am I to say what Number 3 will like…Noah loves Caitlin’s dolls!!  Noah chose a flowery cow which again is very cute! 


The whole process took us quite a while!!!!!  Noah especially didn’t seem to get that he could only chose one thing and kept putting all the other toys back in his basket as well!!


…but even though he actually wanted all the toys that were around £5 he did keep picking the cow when pushed!  Caitlin was dead set on the little doll as soon as she saw it!  She initially thought the baby was a girl but has recently changed her mind to a boy, but when I mentioned that if it was a boy it would be sharing with Noah she got quite upset and said she wanted it to be a girl so it can share her bed!!  She even said she would show “her” how to hold Loo’s hand so they could share Loo as well as the bed!  Loo is her most treasured possession!!  Here are there choices up close….


Now I just need to sort some presents out from the baby to them!!!!!!



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2 responses to “More shopping!!

  1. SCM

    Lovely presents.

  2. Oooh the cow is soo cute!

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