A bit of shopping!!

While Caitlin was at school today we did our tesco’s shop!  So exciting for Noah I know!!!!   We also had a few cheques and Noah’s birthday money to pay in so we went to the bank first.  On the way we stopped off and made our first purchase for Number 3!!  Well I suppose Caitlin’s bed was the first baby related purchase but this was the first thing that is actually for Number 3…..  And its so so boring!!  We bought a pack of dummy’s….


…they only had pink ones or blue ones so we had to go for the blue ones as we don’t know what flavour Number 3 is.   We have pretty much everything else we need and so that’s why we haven’t bought anything so far!  I have sorted through the things we do have and everything seems present and correct so there was nothing else to buy!   I have got a massive list of things I’d like to make for this little one but the chances of me actually getting time to do any of them is very slim!!  Especially since the list includes a house for Caitlin, a racetrack for Noah, a little something I am half way through as a half year birthday present for Harry (who is fast approaching 7 months!!) and a few ideas for Caitlin and Noah’s cousin who is due to be born soon!  Ah well……

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