Story time

Today we have found a new thing to do while Caitlin is at school….we went to story time at the library.  It’s about a 15 minute walk from Caitlin’s school and the session is right in the middle of her school session so its very handy!  I’m not sure Noah was overly impressed by it I don’t think being part of a group (even though it was a very small group) being read a story really held his attention.  He did a lot of getting up and wandering off….  Mind you he’s not quite as struck on books as Caitlin is, he prefers to be up and about running around.  But it fits in really well with our day and he didn’t dislike it so we’ll try again next week. 

On our walk back we called into a toy shop which was really nice full of lovely toys!  There are quite a few nice shops on that stretch so we can call into one on our walk back each week too!!


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  1. We had a good time, well other than the pooping incident and the toy throwing incident!!

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