Plumbing and painting!

Last night we went to our new neighbours for dinner so Caitlin and Noah went to my Mum’s.  Dinner was very nice and it was nice to get to know our new neighbours better, I still can’t believe how friendly everyone is on our new road I can’t wait to move in.

Anyway as Caitlin and Noah were still at my Mum’s we both went to the house to do some work today.  Richard has now finished all of the upstairs plumbing and has put back most of the floorboards.  He just needs to paper behind where the radiators will go and then fix the radiators to the walls. 


I finished off the gloss work in Caitlin and Noah’s bedroom.  My Mum papered while we were on holiday and did the first coat,  Richards Mum did the second coats on the emulsion and ceiling and today its looking really good and quite complete!!!


The wall by the window is still not done as we initially thought we should wait until after the windows are done but we need to paper and paint before the radiators are fitted so we’ll just make good any problems that arise during the window fitting….    Once that’s done we are ready for carpet!!!!!  Now that the floorboards are down upstairs we can make a start on the decorating in our bedroom….



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3 responses to “Plumbing and painting!

  1. love the fireplace and how cool it is that you’re already hanging out with the neighbors!

  2. SCM

    Looking good.
    What are the neighbours like? What did they give you to eat and drink?

  3. The neighbours are lovely – super friendly and dead easy to talk to. Food was lovely too… asparagus bruschettas to start followed by a cheese and leek risotto and finally cheesecake which happens to be my fav dessert!!

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