Red noses!

Today is red nose day….  Caitlin’s school was doing a wear a funny hat day so we made a red nose hat!


….and here are Caitlin and Noah wearing their red noses!!


They really weren’t keen on wearing the noses but I managed to persuade them for just long enough to get a pic!!

While Caitlin was at school wearing her hat me and Noah went to a tots disco…it was a complete let down!!  The email had said it was from 1.30 til 2.30 which fits perfectly with dropping Caitlin at school at 1pm, but when we arrived at 1.15 she said “oh you’ve got 10 minutes left of the disco if you like”…..  Turns out the email has the wrong times on it!  We stayed and played anyway but its not a soft play I like as the kids play by the exit and the adult tables are through into another room away from the exit, so you can’t really relax without worrying they are sneaking out with someone.  So we won’t be going to the disco again which is a shame as it sounded so good….



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2 responses to “Red noses!

  1. SCM

    They look very cute with the noses on.

  2. LOL- I would have taken one of Squidge but she bit the face off! She was trying to figure out what it was made of and decided it was squishy so it must be made of cake!

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