Happy birthday Noah!!

We were away for Noah’s actual birthday and with the house and a baby on the way we just had a small party for him today….

I didn’t actually manage to get a cake made so he had a shop bought one…how bad is that going to look in the album lol!  I let Caitlin have a piece but she’s been complaining of feeling sick and has had a few loo visits since… 

Before the party it was time for presents from my family…


Noah got more things for his Thomas set up which is getting quite impressive now!!  Then Louise, Lucy and Ed arrived with a bike for him…..  Its actually Ed’s old bike but since Noah hasn’t got a bike I suggested she gave him that as her present but she also bought him a pressy too so he ended up very spoilt by his God Mother!!


I always try to have an activity at the parties as part of the entertainment and today’s was making your own pizza… 


They all seemed to enjoy it although they may have been a bit thick as there was lots of left overs….  And Noah was extremely generous with his cheese..he just kept piling it on!!


After pizza was cooked and eaten we had a party game….  E’s mum finds pass the parcel very stressful and so I decided we’d have musical bumps which went down brilliantly!  They all loved dancing around and found falling over very funny!  Caitlin and Noah have been asking for it all afternoon since the party finished!!  Lucy won but she was the oldest so kind of expected but all participants were happy!!

The it was cake time….  The fact we had a bought cake was overshadowed by the candle!!  Really you need to see the video to appreciate the madness of the candle but I’ve not got time to upload it now so that can be for another day when I’m stuck for a post, along with a video of musical bumps!!


Caitlin also had a great time just playing and I liked this picture so thought I’d include it…


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  1. SCM

    Looks like a top party.

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