Turned out well but turned out bad!!

I am in the process of trying to make Noah’s birthday cake!!  It turned out of the tin fantastically but it didn’t turn out (work) very well….  Once I had turned it out it was obviously still liquid and all poured out all over the worktop…..  This is despite the fact it had been in the oven for almost an hour!!  Take 2 is currently in progress!! also dead!!  Ah well I’ve now run out of ingredients I’ll have to try again tomorrow morning!!!

Nan has been doing yet more reading….


…and Noah has finally had his hair cut!!  He really didn’t enjoy having it done but was very happy to show it off whilst wearing Caitlin’s beads….


We’ll be back tomorrow with party reports..either with or without a cake of some description!!  If anyone has any tips on how to make the middle cook without cremating the outside then please let me know before tomorrow morning :-)!!  I “think” it is our dodgy oven but you know what they say about a bad workman blaming their tools….



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3 responses to “Turned out well but turned out bad!!

  1. SCM

    The bead photo made me laugh – very cute.
    How about a Costco cake? I like those.

  2. Didn’t want to buy a cake as bought ones have milk in which aren’t Caitlin friendly :-(! Onto try #3 once I’m dressed for the shops! Oh well 3 is my lucky number!!

  3. Laura Mcintyre

    Cake making is difficult , I have not Mastred it at all .It does sound like oven could be parlty to blame. Good luck with it and the party

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