Nan’s visiting…

…so she has been reading lots of stories (as usual!!)


She’s also been to play group at Caitlin’s school and then to do some painting at the new house!!  Soon Caitlin and Noah’s room will be painted and aside from its radiator (which should be in the next few weeks) and new window which we won’t be getting for a good 10 weeks it’ll soon be ready for carpet and long as we shut the door and ban Richard from going in in his messy clothes!!

After painting Nan put them to bed and read more stories for bedtime!!


Unfortunately we didn’t get chance to go get our new bed tonight but we’ll be going on Saturday…can’t wait!!!!!!!!  I suppose we wouldn’t have had time to assemble it tonight so I’ve not really lost any nights sleep on it….

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One response to “Nan’s visiting…

  1. I love visitors, always make a nice change. When will you be moving in the new house?

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