28 weeks…

Today I had the first of my 28 week appointments!!  I haven’t had a “check up” type appt since I booked in on October 29th and very confusingly I have got 2 this weeks!  I had one at the hospital today as I am rhesus negative and I have a general one on Friday.  Today they took my blood (after 2 attempts) which is apparently to test if I have rhesus negative antibodies, then annoyingly they immediately give the anti-d injection anyway even though the results as to if I ACTUALLY NEED it won’t be back for a few weeks….  Ah well!

That was all they did though..take blood and jab me!  Oh and comment on how lovely my twins were….. (That’s Caitlin and Noah by the way!!)

My bump is getting quite big now though, but I measured myself this morning and its spot on according to my measuring!  And after a very lazy baby on the scan it is now giving quite hefty kicks.  I remember Caitlin kicking but I don’t really remember if Noah kicked a lot or not, but if he did I’m almost sure he didn’t kick so hard it was visible through my jumper….  It has also turned around so it’s now the right way around for a home delivery which is a relief!  I think it turned just over 2 weeks ago…I felt very odd for 2 days and couldn’t figure out why I felt weird but now all the kicks are at the top of my bump so I think the feeling off was the baby turning!!


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  1. I think the appointments are weird now, barely get any in the first 2 trimesters.

    Its going so quick, well from my point of view anyway lol

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