Noah age 2!!

Wow its 2 years since Noah flew into the world!!  I’m hoping I can update on what they are all doing every 6 months but as this is the first for Noah I’ll start at the beginning, like I did on my Caitlin post in December!!

Noah was also born at home at a debatable 8.25am (the midwife didn’t agree with our time despite not being there!)  He was delivered by Richard as the midwife hadn’t arrived!  I had only been in labour for 4 hours and was convinced I had a good 12 hours still to go hence not phoning anyone, and even when I did phone after about 3.5 hours when asked if I thought things were really getting going I said I didn’t know…so they didn’t hurry!

Noah was 9lb and 3oz and 55cm long and as there was no qualified help he was luckily fine!  I found the whole thing really good and wasn’t at all scared or concerned, our only error was to forget to wrap him up warm so he went a bit blue through cold!!  Here is one of his first pictures (as you can see he’s not the pinkest of babies!!)…


Noah took to feeding instantly and guzzled his milk down in record time and also puked very little!  This was a complete change to Caitlin and it was a nice change not to be covered in sick on a daily basis!!  It was also nice in the night as his feeds were done and dusted really quickly.  His liking for milk did mean it took him longer to sleep through the night reliably, but given he still did that before 4 months we can’t complain!  Noah continued to grow at a good rate and was a pretty content chubby baby just like they should be!

Noah has always been really confident and didn’t mind who he was with as long as they fed and entertained him!   I can’t remember him ever going through a clingy phase….

Noah first walked at 10 months and 27 days so a day earlier than Caitlin, this took me by surprise as he was much bigger than Caitlin and hadn’t really been desperately trying to walk as she had he just decided he fancied it and got up and did it!  Noah was bald to begin with but his hair soon grew and by 10 months he’d had a hair cut courtesy of his God mother!!  Here he is on his first birthday…


Noah’s speech has always been really good, anything Caitlin does he also wants to do including talk!  Now age 2 you can have a proper conversation with him and people often comment on how good his talking is.  He is really clever even if I do say so myself!  Like at Christmas time when he altered “happy birthday to you” song to “happy Christmas to you” with no prompting.  He also already knows loads of animals, most colours, can count to 10 and knows the letters “c” and “n”.  He is a cheeky monkey though and a bit more feisty than Caitlin!  I am only just starting to trust him to walk without holding hands as he doesn’t always stop when you say so.  He will happily wander off and not care if he can’t see you, he also has no fear and regularly throws himself off things but doesn’t ever seem to feel the pain!!!  He is also very loud…he shouts a lot and just generally makes a lot of noise!  He will talk to anyone!

He loves his sister and misses her while she’s at school, although he does snatch toys away a lot more than she does.  He also loves other babies and always goes up to them to talk and play with them.

Noah is a good eater variety wise and eats almost anything, but amazingly for his size he has a small appetite and regularly doesn’t eat his midday meal.  His favourite food is bananas which he could eat a fair few in a row, he also loves sweet things and has wised up to the fact my Mum has a biscuit drawer which he asks for as soon as we arrive!

Noah is desperate to go to school with Caitlin and I think he will be more than ready to go next Easter….  Here he is age 2….



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3 responses to “Noah age 2!!

  1. SCM

    I enjoyed reading this.

  2. Ha! That daft silly smile of his cracks me up every time! Where has the time gone- TWO!!

  3. Happy Birthday to your boy, he sounds incredibly smart and fun to be around.

    Had no idea you had an unassisted birth with him, gosh that must have been amazing . Will you do the same this time or be calling the midwife earlier?

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