Beds and kitchens!!

While we were away I discovered that my achy back and hips must be down to our old knackered bed!!  I had a feeling it was as the mattress is 8 yrs old and not all that comfy.  We have been talking of getting a new bed/mattress but we were holding out until we’d moved, but after a week of sleeping on a much better bed and even though I’d been crawling around the beach etc and I wasn’t at all achy I decided I NEEDED a new bed right now!  We’ve already chosen our bed…we are going for a super king size from ikea…well you know we’ll need super king sized when we’ve got 3 visitors in the mornings!! 

Caitlin and Noah were with my Mum as we’d been to a fundraiser at Caitlin’s school on the Friday night straight after we got back off hols!  It was a quiz night and we won!!!!!!!!!  We then had a viewing on the house on the Saturday afternoon so they’d stayed Saturday too.  The viewers were a bit unimpressed with the size (or lack of size) of the box room – it is very small!!  So I can’t see them buying but never mind we’re not desperate to sell at the moment so we don’t mind too much.

So after the viewing we decided to go to ikea and get the kitchen and bed while we were without Caitlin and Noah!  So at 6pm last night we arrived at ikea…..  Ikea’s kitchens are around £2000 cheaper than our other quote…we now know why!!!  First of all we had to place our order up in the kitchen showroom and arrange our interest free credit so we can keep our cash in our offset account as long as possible.  Once that was done we got a print out of all the parts we needed to collect…..  So off we went to the market place to collect our flat packs….all 105 of them!!!!  It took us hours!!!!!!!!  We had to collect the cupboard carcasses, doors, shelves, drawers, hinges, dampers, sink etc etc….  We ended up with 3 trolley loads not including the things they were out of stock of…  Then we had to squeeze our purchases into our 2 cars!  I went to get Elvis first and then Richard went off to get “gan” (his megane).  While Richard was gone I had a fair few people think I really was stupid enough to believe a full kitchen would fit into my mini………..  We did just about squeeze the lot into the 2 cars and we eventually set off to deliver it to the new house at 10pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  In hindsight we would just pay the delivery charge to save us the 4 hour search for all the bits we needed and packing into the cars as even with a delivery charge it still would have been almost £2K cheaper than the competitors.  Needless to say we didn’t have time for our second trip that we had intended to collect the bed so that will have to wait until the end of the week……..


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3 responses to “Beds and kitchens!!

  1. SCM

    Super king size sounds wonderful!
    Think I’d cry if I had to spend that long in Ikea. It always makes me feel claustrophobic. Well done on the saving though.

  2. Vic

    Good heavens. I always think Ikea is a nightmare! he he!

    You’re braver than me!

    Your holiday looks fab. I’m glad you had a lovely time!


  3. OMG! You guys are nuts!! Glad it all fit into the cars. Also glad you figured out why your back was hurting this time around.

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