Playing and a scratch!!

We went out to play again today…a nice easy day of soft play where I mainly sat watching!  Caitlin and Noah had a slush puppy which they loved…


They also had a great time trying to play with Sophie who is bigger than them and so held their hand down the slide and showed them around as it was her local soft play.  Her Mum was watching 2 others as well but they all just played and it was an easy day.  Noah also loved having a turn on Sophie’s DS…


…he looks so grown up playing it…

Richard has also done a final bit of work on the house before we leave…and we now have lots of floor down……



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2 responses to “Playing and a scratch!!

  1. *sigh* we should have done a soft play- relaxing sounds much better than frantic search for missing toddler amongst throng of children who looked exactly like missing toddler to franic mom! Noah looks like he knows what he’s doing w/ that DS! Floors looking good.

  2. SCM

    Floors! Yay – getting there!

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