Hectic day!

Today has been a hectic day…

First thing we went out to the museum of science and industry with E, due to school its been a while since we’ve all been out with her.  The museum is very busy during school holidays and I don’t think we’ll go again!!!!!!!!  The kids enjoyed it though.  On the way we saw some AA bikes just like Caitlin’s Christmas present only the real thing!  Noah was fascinated and the AA man even let him sit on it…. (he is smiling by the way…at the moment smiling looks very pained!!)


At first Caitlin wouldn’t go near it because she didn’t have her AA high visibility vest on…she is so particular about doing things right… Then she wouldn’t go near because the man was scary!!!

At the museum we times it just right for Xperiment we only had to queue for 5 minutes but when we got out the queue was 45 minutes!!  We then had some dinner thanks to Linda..as I was too unorganised to bring anything but she brought enough for everyone!!! Again this photo is a smile :-)!


Caitlin’s favourite bit of the museum was the engine room as usual!  She loves watching the engines, and Noah loves the trains. 


After the museum we went to a friends for tea!  There were 7 kids there so that was a bit mad too!!  Noah walked in front of someone on the swing and so now has a bruised nose…just in time for holiday again!!  No doubt Caitlin will get injured on our outing tomorrow!!!!!!!

After tea I went off to do a market research thing which was actually quite boring but I got paid for sitting there bored for 1.5 hours…..

On the house front…very very annoyingly the water inspection man didn’t turn up!!!!!!!!!!!  I phoned and complained but they just said oh well…we’ll reschedule for March 2nd!!!!!!!  So that’s another delay with the water….  I even tried to play my “I’m pregnant” card but it failed… All I got was the promise of a 25% discount…ITS A FREE SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ahh well!

Tomorrow is also going to be hectic…we’re out all day, then I need to cut Noah’s hair and pack for holidays!!!!!!!!!


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2 responses to “Hectic day!

  1. LOL Noah’s smiles are just too funny! I’m glad I brought enough for everyone, as you could see I usually end up w/ loads of left overs! Have a good time on your holiday!

  2. SCM

    Photos are great. Noah’s smiles made me laugh.
    AA guy was a very nice man – remember the ads?
    Hope you have a lovely holiday.

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