Hair away!!

Today we were supposed to be out playing but it got cancelled due to illness (not Caitlin and Noah – well not yet but Caitlin didn’t eat a single mouthful for her tea??!!)  So instead we just did some jobs!  I went and got my hair cut which I haven’t done for months!!!!!!!  I also cut Caitlin’s hair as it was getting a bit straggly looking….I’ve got Noah “booked in” for Thurs evening before bath time!!!  We also bought some lining paper and a pasting table…and I got some more new jeans!  I just can’t find any comfy jeans….and as usual I managed to meet a complete nutter whilst buying them!  She was also pregnant and due in May and totally felt my bump!!!!!!!!!  I hate people feeling my bump!!!!!!!!!!!  She thinks its a boy in her expert nutty opinion…….  She also put her hand under her bump to show me how big hers was and in the process showed me ALL of her underwear…she was properly MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!  And yes had a very short dress on for a 6 month pregnant woman – well actually for anyone!!!!!!!!!!

Richard has also finished replacing the joists in the new kitchen/diner


and has made a start on insulating underneath them as we’re just having the floor boards so will be a bit drafty without insulation.  Tomorrow is inspection day for the water trench so fingers crossed all will be well and we will soon have water!!!!!!!



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2 responses to “Hair away!!

  1. I hate those people who think you are free to be touched when ever when pregnant, i hated even my own family doing it .

    House is coming along great, cannot wait to see the finished product

  2. SCM

    Cheeky bugger feeling your bump!
    Got my hair cut last Thursday after 6 months. All well and good. Offered to take my step-niece home once she finished as it was raining. Still good. Then … drunk man walked/threw himself onto my car. Not good. Just got it back.

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