Scrape, scrape… Dig, dig!!

Today as Caitlin and Noah are at my Mum’s we both went to the house to do some work…  I finally finished my fireplaces and to be honest I have done an awful job!!  They are covered in runs and look a bit dull!  The one in our bedroom is the worst, but the one in the other bedroom looks like it might be a bit dusty!  Ah well they do look better than they did….


Once they were done I started scraping the hall walls…they were covered in red stuff!  Some sort of left over from the wall paper we’ve scraped off!  The scraper is a bit knackered and kept pinching my finger and now my arms feel like they are going to fall off!!!  At least now our new wall paper won’t fall off…..

Richard has been digging out his trench ready for inspection on Wednesday!  And finally that tree is GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


then he moved onto replacing the floor joists….


We think we (well I say we I really mean Richard!) is/are almost at the end of the destructive work…and soon, once we’ve been inspected on Wednesday, we should be putting the house back together!!

Obviously since we got some progress done today we got home to a letter about our new would seem we have to jump through hoops to get our permission to replace them…including a design and access form (in triplicate!) with details of number of local jobs to be created, number of residential dwellings created, disabled access etc etc!!  It is all completely irrelevant to us but is a general form that we have to submit…



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2 responses to “Scrape, scrape… Dig, dig!!

  1. SCM

    That trench looks like it was hard work. I had to dig a hole in my garden a couple of years ago and every time I asked TLP if I had done enough he kept telling me I needed to go deeper. Next door ended up lending me his pickaxe.
    Scraping walls wasn’t much fun either. That was foloweds by filling in the holes the previous owners had made.

  2. yay for almost being ready to put the house back together!

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