Two and a half hours goes so slow!!

I’ve hardly been taking any photo’s lately since the day is now tied up with dropping and collecting Caitlin for school, we’re not getting out and about as much as we did.  Even once she is at school me and Noah either tend to do the food shopping, take care of housey type orders like central heating etc or just trying to fill 2.5 hours. 

In the mornings we’ve been doing Caitlin’s homework, trying to sort some things ready for moving and just playing about….  As I’ve not posted many pics recently I took some yesterday…. Here is Noah giving Tiny Tears a clean bum!


..she’s actually my tiny tears from when I was little but I can’t remember her name…maybe Pollyanna?  Good job for Caitlin my taste in names has modernised!

And here is Caitlin doing her jigsaws..


One of the places me and Noah have been going to is a soft play centre inside a fitness centre near Caitlin’s school.  Its free which is good and we can just about make it fill the 2.5 hours.  As its free and really close we’ve been going quite a lot, we’ve made a few friends there and also keep bumping into people we know.  Also E has joined us a few times which is good.  Here is Noah buried in the stacking blocks…luckily no-one jumped on him!!




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2 responses to “Two and a half hours goes so slow!!

  1. LOL Noah is a nutter! I love that place- best bit is it’s free. Of course I have to remember to bring my own snacks!

  2. SCM

    Free is always good. What’s the upper age limit?
    Enjoyed looking at pics.

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