Tree’s away!!!!!!!!!!

Yes that’s right we can finally take that tree out of our garden and get on with our water pipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We still don’t have written confirmation but I got a phone call to say we can remove it and also it says we can on their website….so its going!!  We still now need to actually replace the pipe under the tree and then get United Utilities to come and inspect the replacement and then arrange to connect us up to the new pipes which can take 3 more weeks but I’m hoping I can persuade them to speed us along!!  It will be good as well to recover the trench in the front garden and make it slightly safer for visitors!  Now we just need our window planning permission to come through….

Our new joists have finally arrived too so now Richard has that to do as well as the water…typical things all happen together.  Also the kids are at my Mum’s this weekend so I’ll be there attempting to help although not too sure what I can do other than give my fireplaces their second coat of paint which won’t (hopefully) take me 2 days!!  A bit of tree excavation or joist laying???? Hmmm maybe not!  I may have to learn to solder the water pipes instead!


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