Snow snow snow…

This morning we woke up to snow so we had breakfast and headed outside to make a snowman!


Our snow was really really fluffy and when we tried to squash it into a snowman shape it just seemed to disappear.  Noah was not happy with how cold his hands got….


…we did manage to build a very small snowman once Richard came out to help!


All this snow was good fun to play in but its rubbish when you have to go somewhere like school!  It would have been great to go out to play and then just come back inside where it was nice and warm! 

While Caitlin was at school me and Noah went to a soft play but Noah didn’t play too much as there were some really boisterous kids there who were pushing a lot and they put him off….  This afternoon the snow really started falling but no more is sticking it got too wet…


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One response to “Snow snow snow…

  1. SCM

    Your snowman is very cute.
    I hate the way work gets in the way of having a good time 😦

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