Noise…arrrghhhh will it ever stop?? The case of the stolen walls!

Time for a moany post!!  Last September next doors builders finished the actual build of their extension…since then pretty much every single day Saturday and Sundays included they have been banging and hammering and drilling and generally making a lot of noise! This starts at about 7am even on weekends and sometimes not stopping until after midnight!!!!  Not only are we sick and tired of the noise but we are convinced they can not have any walls left to drill or hammer into!!!!!!!!  I am convinced they have removed all of their bricks and are now using our walls as their own!  We can now hear every word they say and I’m sure they can hear us too….  There is no way the wall between us is as thick as it used to be – they have stolen our walls!!!  Their electricians have been there every day for at least 2 weeks way back in October time, and still go there a few times a week…they must be the slowest electricians on earth…our electrician’s have spent 2 full days at our new house and one of those the guy was on his own, and Richard has prob done another 2 or 3 days doing electrical related work on his own…so what are they doing next door…ours is a full rewire that includes everything feasible like smoke detectors, alarm, plugs and lighting….

Anyway they appear to have stopped…probably only temporarily but they have been replaced by this on the railway line behind us….


which has this at the back of it to replace all of the railway track….


Yes this is also very loud…and worse still they are working through the night….from last night at one minute past midnight until the middle of March…….  Just in time for us to move out!!


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One response to “Noise…arrrghhhh will it ever stop?? The case of the stolen walls!

  1. SCM

    You’ll have to invent an excuse to go next door and inspect what they’re doing in there. Sounds very odd.
    No fun with the railway. We had some overnight workings a while back but it only lasted a week, thankfully.

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