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First day at (pre)school….

….and she loved it!!!  We set off in the snow with her new bag (a mini one of course)…


…and then stopped outside for a little photo moment!  I tried to get her on her own but Noah just kept running over to her so I gave up…


She was really excited about going, telling me how she was going to do painting with her friends.  Noah wasn’t so sure he just kept saying he wanted to go too and that he was a big boy!  He gave her goodbye kiss though and in she went…


There was a slight mix up when we got there that she wasn’t supposed to start until tomorrow but they said she could stay.  Then they commented that afternoon sessions didn’t start til 1, so I just looked confused and asked what time it was?  They replied oh 5 to 1… I was even more confused I assumed I was wildly off with my timing!!  Must remember to be more on time and less early tomorrow!!!!!!!

Richard picked her up and they said she’d had a great day and joined in really well.  The highlight of the day for her was snack time….  Anyone who has asked about her day has been told “I had a snack”.  Maybe its because we don’t call it snack time and she likes the sound of it?  Anyway she had grapes!  She also sang a song about the jungle and heard a story about a cloud!!  I also know she did indoor PE but that obviously didn’t impress her as she hasn’t mentioned it….

Noah missed Caitlin and kept running upstairs to look for her in her bed and also kept saying he could hear her crying??


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Work work work….

…work has now begun on the new house.  Richard has spent a few days there and the old bathroom is now out.  The polystyrene ceiling tiles are off and the ceiling is salvageable underneath.  In an ideal world we’d re-plaster but time is not on our side….  Richard has also taken the box off the fireplace in what will be our room and sure enough there is a nice fireplace behind it…


…so a nice little job for me and my “able” assistant Noah one afternoon next week while we’re waiting to go back and pick Caitlin up from school will be to wire brush and paint this.  Neither of us has any idea what you are supposed to do regarding carpet around the tiles as they are flush with the floorboards.  As its a bedroom we’re definitely having carpet but it seems such a shame to cover them up.

Other completed jobs include taking out some of the lead pipes and removing the old water tank from the bathroom.  Tomorrows job is to make a start on the trench to lay new water pipes in the front garden now we have permission….


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Half way sweepstake!

Tomorrow number 3 will be half cooked!!  I only just realised that aside from one day (or a few more depending on when he/she is born) this pregnancy is split almost perfectly across 2008 and 2009!!!!  I now have a bump but still no real symptoms although I do keep getting a bit of back ache when I overdo it…like bowling last night…ooop’s!  I’ve had a bad back since we moved into our house and I carried the slate bed off our pool table with Richard!

I keep getting tempted to find out if its a boy or girl….  Practically it would be handy to know but I know so many people who have been told the wrong thing I’m not sure I would trust it enough to get rid of half of our baby stash!!  Plus I really really love the surprise element and although I am bursting to know I doubt we will find out.  I was bursting to know with both Caitlin and Noah and we didn’t find out. 

I love to guess boy/girl etc about babies so I thought I would do a little sweep stake on here…. I thought it would be nice to record everyones guesses with regard to baby number 3 and give a little prize to the person who guesses most correctly what number 3 will be like!  I thought I could award one point for each correct answer with the point for weight etc going to the person who guesses the nearest (or a point each if 2 people get it spot on!).  To help people who didn’t “know” me when I was pregnant with Caitlin and Noah I have given some information to help you with your guesses on each question!  The prize won’t be anything too exciting just a box of chocs etc for the winner…..    Since the answers are a while off I’ve created a new page at the top…so answers as a comment on there please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you can think of anything I have forgotten or missed out that is good to guess let me know…..

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Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

We celebrated by going out for tea with Squidge and family and then going bowling…  Tea took a while as they were pretty busy but the kids all seemed to enjoy destroying the pencil set they got to distract them while we waited!!  After that it was time to go bowling!  We went bowling last year although we didn’t bother getting the kids a game (well Noah wasn’t even walking never mind bowling!!) but this year we got them 2 games so Caitlin and Noah shared one.  They loved it we’ll have to go again!  We can take Nan next time she visits!!

I couldn’t believe they actually had shoes to fit them as well…..


…Caitlin just kept saying how slippy they were!!  Mr Strong loved picking up the bowling balls and even carried them over to the lane himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We only had one game but with 4 adults and 2 kids playing it took plenty long enough!  I know Simon won but not sure of the rest…me and Richard don’t really care about who wins anyway we just like the playing!!


We only lasted until 10pm as Noah and Squidge we’re seriously flagging by then….  Noah almost fell asleep but woke up to take his last shot….


I told Caitlin we could go bowling again next year and so she asked all the way home if she could go again yet…I think she really really enjoyed herself!!!!!!!!!  Noah was fast asleep in the 5 mins it took us to get home….

So Happy New Year everyone…..and what a hectic year we have……


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