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Work work work!!

Caitlin and Noah have gone to stay with Nanny and Grandad for the weekend so me and Richard went to the new house today to do a bit of work!  Nothing new for Richard but its really the first time I’ve done anything except go and buy supplies or arrange quotes!

I started off with this fireplace….


….as with the rest of the house it was covered in sticky yellow dirt!  The old owners were heavy smokers we think!!  So after I had stripped some strange insulation wall paper from the wall around it I set to work cleaning it… I scrubbed it for ages and then wipe it down a few times.  My hands were killing afterwards as we have no warm water only freezing cold from the outside tap!!!  I then did the same to the fireplace in Caitlin and Noahs room.  Then I sanded and re-washed them both and painted the first coat.   The tiles have come up really nicely, they’re not in perfect condition but certainly good enough to keep and they look really nice with the fireplace black.  Photo’s after the 2nd coat as they look a bit streaky at the mo!!!

Richard finished off all the prep for the damp proof work which hopefully should happen next week, and he made a start on taking up the old concrete floor in the kitchen with my Dad.

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Poor baby K!!!

…today we went to visit baby K who we haven’t seen for a while.  He has grown sooo much!  And Noah true to form was very keen to cuddle, kiss and play with him!!  Of course Noah wanting to help feed him also made Caitlin want to help too…..poor baby K was very obliging and didn’t cry when this happened to him….


Lets just hope Noah is as keen on his new brother or sister when it arrives…and that his brother or sister is as happy to be fed, squashed and kissed as much as K was!!!!!!!!!!  Luckily for K we couldn’t stay too long as we had to get off to school and play group!

Tomorrow Caitlin and Noah are off to Nanny’s for the weekend and its time for me to paint those fireplaces…updates to follow!!!!

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Caitlin gets homework from her pre-school, she gets to chose a book and then we read it (about a million times!!!!) then she draws about it in her diary.  We are now on our 3rd book (I wish they would swap them more often as the whole excitement that the book is from nursery means that we have to read it over and over – we’ve already done this one 4 times this morning and we’ve only been up for 45 mins!!!!)  Anyway the 3rd book is “what makes a rainbow” which is a book we already have so she’s already familiar with it, and here is her picture……


I know the picture isn’t that great, but I’m so impressed with her interpretation of a rainbow I had to share it!!  In case you can’t see it, she has drawn lines in all different colours and a sun at the top of it!!  She also has to draw a smiley (or sad) face to show if she liked or disliked the book….  I’m just praying for a new book today………..

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…that’s the walls coming down!!  We now have a wall missing (intentionally!) in the bathroom and also now a kitchen diner!  In the kitchen there was a supporting brick wall that had supported the water tank and another brick wall above, since there is now no water tank above the only remaining reason for the brick wall in the kitchen (which would obstruct our larder unit and fridge) was the brick wall above, so my Dad suggested removing the bricks and replacing them with a lighter stud wall.  This is now done along with the removal of the wall between the old kitchen and dining rooms. 

Half gone…..


…all gone…..


…bit of “making good” to do but again progress is good!

Other types of crashing is Noah crashing into Caitlin!!  I promised this video ages ago and waited for Richard to shrink it but he’s busy so I hope it works for you all!!

He’s much better at driving it now but this video is quite funny!!


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Caitlin’s curls and a family meal!

Last night I tried to blow dry Caitlin’s hair so it was straight so you could tell how long it is getting….but the curls kept springing back!  I thought her curls weren’t that tight and would easily dry out, but there’s no way they would have gone unless I used styling products or straighteners!!


Then today we called at the new house to take some dinner for Richard…we joined him so it ended up being our first family meal at the new house…and what a classy one it was too!!


…me and Richard sat on brick chairs!  ..and Caitlin and Noah perched on the edge of the fireplace!!  They also examined the disappearing wall….


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Progress, progress….

Work has been speeding ahead with the new house!  We’ve had the electricians in and we now have pretty much all of the wiring done!  There are wires everywhere!!


….and as soon as Richard has plastered around the sockets etc (which he is hoping to do tomorrow) they can be made live!  We’re hoping that will happen early next week which will be great as that is a major job DONE!!

Also in progress is the damp work.  We have decided to go with a really nice older man, he really knows his stuff and spent hours arranging our quote working out exactly what was needed.  Our other quotes came in at £1.5K more than his (ha ha I don’t think so) and roughly the same but it took that guy FIVE minutes to decide what was needed!!  That compared to HOURS spent by the other guy just doesn’t fill me with confidence so he is also discarded!!  He is ready to get going almost any time once we have removed our skirting boards…so hopefully Richard can also get that done this weekend!!

Another thing coming along is the demolition of the wall!  This is the only job that makes me nervous….

rsj1 my Dad and Richard put the RSJ in and started to knock the wall down…..


I think thats due to be finished off also early next week!  Richard hasn’t even got any “homework” from that in-progress job!!

We’ve also started getting people in to quote to encapsulate our double glazing!  Now I am sure that’s going to be a hefty bill but the glass is lovely and in pretty good condition for the age so we’d really like to save it.  Its all looking promising as we haven’t had any major overspends yet and we’ve got a lot of quotes in…still time yet though….  Here’s one of our windows…


Our only hitch so far is a small Laburnum tree in our front garden!!  As we’re in a conservation area we’re not allowed to remove it without permission and we can’t replace our lead pipes without moving it….  We also won’t get permission before Feb 6th as they have to by law give the public 4 weeks to object to our removing it.  We then have been told it will take United Utilities 3 weeks to connect us to the replacement pipes……Hmmmm!  I may be able to swing that one a bit quicker but the planning man was immovable!!

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Lazy baby!

Today was my “20” week scan….  All looks good except that the baby was very lazy and refused to turn so that the sonographer could get a good view of the spine so I have to go back.  I’m quite glad though because I totally forgot to ask for a picture so at least I’ll get one in 2 weeks time!  I also got my results for the downs screening…my risk is 1 in 15,000!!!!!!!!!!!  For Caitlin my risk was 1 in 250ish!!!!!!!  So despite the fact I’m 3.5 years older my risk is dramatically lower!!  With Noah my risk was also low but that was coupled with a scan so isn’t really comparable but I’m sure it was around 1 in 9000….so 1 in 15,000 with no scan is fantastic!!  All of the measurements were also good…I’ll have to look up if they are good but biggish??!!

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