A viewing…

Today we had a viewing on ourhouse, this time this is good because we are far enough along to have moved into our new house and to find storage for anything we can’t cram in there.  So much to Noah’s dismay we tidied and cleaned while he cried and screamed!!!  He’s not very well…a sore throat and cough and so he wasn’t in a great mood from the start and being ignored while I cleared up didn’t help!  Caitlin is also not 100%…she had the same thing at the weekend and I thought she was better but she doesn’t seem it any more!  Very whingy and generally crying at the slightest thing!

So the viewers were 3 students with one of their parents who must be buying it for them….  It was so much better than the last viewer who didn’t even look at the whole house!  The 3 girls seemed really nice and were obviously genuinely looking for a house.   Maybe not our house but at least they weren’t complete time wasters like “Mr Lee” was!!!!!!  So we shall see if they like it enough to offer….  Also fingers crossed Caitlin and Noah are better or at least more cheery soon!



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4 responses to “A viewing…

  1. Vic

    Oooh sounds promising.

    I think I saw your house in the paper this evening. It took a few seconds to realise it was yours and not someone elses on your road. What a div I am….

  2. In the paper wooohooooo!! They must be able to sense we were about to hand our notice in with them!!!

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