First party!!

This afternoon we had our first party at the new house!!  I’m sure the man doing the damp proof work thought we were truly insane!!  But tomorrow is Nanny’s birthday and Grandad was working at the house so we called in with birthday cake to sing and have a little party!!!!!!!!


It was a bit dusty and probably a bit mad as 50% of the downstairs floorboards are up, but Caitlin and Noah are used to the mad life we inflict on them and they loved eating cake while sat on paint tins!!!!!!!


Talking of the house!  We had always planned to get our double glazing last, which sounds a bit backward but basically if the project ran to budget we would be able to afford to encapsulate the stained glass in the double glazing, but if we went over budget we’d have to sell the stained glass and settle for plain double glazing…  But when we got our quote to encapsulate the stained glass we were stunned at how reasonable it is (and with a highly recommended local company) and so we realised we could get it now before we decorate and still have our contingency !  So we booked our encapsulated double glazing but have now been informed we “might” need planning permission which “might” take 8 weeks…so it looks like we might still be getting the glazing done last…  The damp proofing is virtually done though, and once the plumbing is in place we can start putting the house back together!



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2 responses to “First party!!

  1. partay!! looks like everyone had a good time- although they do all look a bit chilly!

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