20 week scan…

OK…just three and a half weeks late but my 20 week scan is now complete!!!!  Everything is fine and I even remembered to ask for a picture today!!  Its a fairly rubbish scan picture …all blurry around the face but she did give it to me for free which is good (they should charge £3.50!!!!)


He or she is lying in their back with their head turned to face us…..and that round bit above the head is it’s hand!!!!!!!  In every scan I had with Caitlin she had her hand on her head and she was born that way!!  I’m sure number 3 had their hand on their head a few weeks back too…I really hope it doesn’t stay there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yet again it was asleep and refused point blank to move despite her prodding it!!  He/She was positioned to give a good view of the spine though so she managed to see everything she needed to…just one lazy baby!!!

I still have no symptoms other than an achy back and hips but I’m beginning to think I only get those when I wear my maternity jeans which is really odd and makes no sense!!!!!!  If I wear my regular jeans (which are way more comfy at the mo!!) I don’t ache at all…..  I do have a bump though…but that’s it!



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2 responses to “20 week scan…

  1. SCM

    I’m getting all excited for you – can’t wait to see pics when s/he is born.

  2. Soo cute- looking for lady bits but can’t see anything!! Another blogger I read just posted about being 20 weeks too- so many babies out there!

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