Work work work!!

Caitlin and Noah have gone to stay with Nanny and Grandad for the weekend so me and Richard went to the new house today to do a bit of work!  Nothing new for Richard but its really the first time I’ve done anything except go and buy supplies or arrange quotes!

I started off with this fireplace….


….as with the rest of the house it was covered in sticky yellow dirt!  The old owners were heavy smokers we think!!  So after I had stripped some strange insulation wall paper from the wall around it I set to work cleaning it… I scrubbed it for ages and then wipe it down a few times.  My hands were killing afterwards as we have no warm water only freezing cold from the outside tap!!!  I then did the same to the fireplace in Caitlin and Noahs room.  Then I sanded and re-washed them both and painted the first coat.   The tiles have come up really nicely, they’re not in perfect condition but certainly good enough to keep and they look really nice with the fireplace black.  Photo’s after the 2nd coat as they look a bit streaky at the mo!!!

Richard finished off all the prep for the damp proof work which hopefully should happen next week, and he made a start on taking up the old concrete floor in the kitchen with my Dad.


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  1. wow that fireplace is going to look fantastic!

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