Caitlin gets homework from her pre-school, she gets to chose a book and then we read it (about a million times!!!!) then she draws about it in her diary.  We are now on our 3rd book (I wish they would swap them more often as the whole excitement that the book is from nursery means that we have to read it over and over – we’ve already done this one 4 times this morning and we’ve only been up for 45 mins!!!!)  Anyway the 3rd book is “what makes a rainbow” which is a book we already have so she’s already familiar with it, and here is her picture……


I know the picture isn’t that great, but I’m so impressed with her interpretation of a rainbow I had to share it!!  In case you can’t see it, she has drawn lines in all different colours and a sun at the top of it!!  She also has to draw a smiley (or sad) face to show if she liked or disliked the book….  I’m just praying for a new book today………..


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