…that’s the walls coming down!!  We now have a wall missing (intentionally!) in the bathroom and also now a kitchen diner!  In the kitchen there was a supporting brick wall that had supported the water tank and another brick wall above, since there is now no water tank above the only remaining reason for the brick wall in the kitchen (which would obstruct our larder unit and fridge) was the brick wall above, so my Dad suggested removing the bricks and replacing them with a lighter stud wall.  This is now done along with the removal of the wall between the old kitchen and dining rooms. 

Half gone…..


…all gone…..


…bit of “making good” to do but again progress is good!

Other types of crashing is Noah crashing into Caitlin!!  I promised this video ages ago and waited for Richard to shrink it but he’s busy so I hope it works for you all!!

He’s much better at driving it now but this video is quite funny!!



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2 responses to “Crrrasssshhhhhh….

  1. can’t wait to have a nosey around the place!

  2. Julia

    Wow – makes it look huge with that wall down. Can’t wait to see the house!

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