Caitlin’s curls and a family meal!

Last night I tried to blow dry Caitlin’s hair so it was straight so you could tell how long it is getting….but the curls kept springing back!  I thought her curls weren’t that tight and would easily dry out, but there’s no way they would have gone unless I used styling products or straighteners!!


Then today we called at the new house to take some dinner for Richard…we joined him so it ended up being our first family meal at the new house…and what a classy one it was too!!


…me and Richard sat on brick chairs!  ..and Caitlin and Noah perched on the edge of the fireplace!!  They also examined the disappearing wall….



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One response to “Caitlin’s curls and a family meal!

  1. SCM

    I love Caitlin’s hair.
    Meal looks good – fish and chips?

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