Lazy baby!

Today was my “20” week scan….  All looks good except that the baby was very lazy and refused to turn so that the sonographer could get a good view of the spine so I have to go back.  I’m quite glad though because I totally forgot to ask for a picture so at least I’ll get one in 2 weeks time!  I also got my results for the downs screening…my risk is 1 in 15,000!!!!!!!!!!!  For Caitlin my risk was 1 in 250ish!!!!!!!  So despite the fact I’m 3.5 years older my risk is dramatically lower!!  With Noah my risk was also low but that was coupled with a scan so isn’t really comparable but I’m sure it was around 1 in 9000….so 1 in 15,000 with no scan is fantastic!!  All of the measurements were also good…I’ll have to look up if they are good but biggish??!!

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  1. SCM

    Good to see all is still progressing well. Baby not moving sounds like a boy to me!
    1 in 15000 is great news

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