What a day!!

This morning we went to town to exchange some things and pay our final solicitor bill.  As we had to be at school for a set time and whenever I try to catch the train its cancelled or delayed I decided to drive.  I never drive to town as its loads cheaper to go by train (very unreliable) or bus (takes ages and is also really unreliable!!)

We just got into Debenhams and I tried to get my refund on the ground floor but they said no I had to go upto the 2nd floor so Caitlin pressed the button for the lift…. The whole of Debenhams then went pitch black and the display on the lift went blank!  If we’d not tried to get a refund on the ground floor we’d have been in the lift!!  Turns out there was a power cut.  It affected all of  Debenhams, the whole Arndale Centre, the Royal Exchange and all of the trams…etc etc!!  We then left Debenhams and tried to get back into the Arndale where the car was parked but as they had no power no-one was allowed in!  Mind you we were parked on level 7 so even if we’d got in with no lifts the chances of us making it up 7 floors were slim!!  Eventually we got in and up to the car and we weren’t too late for school….

Me and Noah then headed off to a new play group I’d found only to discover it had shut down 2 years ago!!!!!!

On the way home from collecting Caitlin she was telling us all about her day at school, where it turns out someone had burnt the toast, and there was black smoke and she had to stand outside by the gate cos the alarm was going off….and someone had to hold her because there wasn’t enough room???  Sounds like she had an eventful afternoon as well as morning!!!!!!!!!!!  She is still loving pre-school and loves to tell me all about it on her way home!  Tonight she has been playing at putting fires out so the “fire” and “evacuation” were obviously todays highlight!!!!!!!



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2 responses to “What a day!!

  1. SCM

    Blimey! Sounds like a day and a half. Did it feel really weird with no electricity?

  2. Close call with the life, i would of been terrified. Hate them full stop.

    Caitlin sounds so cute and happy

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