Party time…

Today we went to a party in Cambridge!!  It was a long drive with 3 kids (we car shared with a friend) but they all did really well and we got there and back really quickly.

The party was good fun….there was party food as always…

bfood2…which they both loved, and as usual at Chloe’s parties her Mum had sussed out which bits were Caitlin safe for us.  After the food there was a massive gingerbread castle…


…which they all had a great time breaking apart and then eating….


Caitlin ate loads as she had been looking forward to birthday cake for days!!!  I had told her she could have some as I was going to test her to see how she coped but the gingerbread castle had no milk anyway.  But she did eat some of the turret supports and I think they had chocolate in them…  Noah also enjoyed the castle…


The journey home was really fast with no stops and no traffic problems.  They also slept for the last little bit so it was nice and quiet!!!!!!

I got home to discover Richard had cut his own hair???!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I could tell from inside the car in the pitch black that it isn’t quite even so I think I’ll have to fix it tomorrow!!!!!!!!



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3 responses to “Party time…

  1. Teddy

    Wow, you do not hang about….Very impressed at your quick posting! Thanks so much for coming to see us and glad you liked the castle. Chloe and Max had a wonderful time – so did we. Thanks for helping to make her party a special day for her. xx

  2. Vic

    WOW That cake is AMAZING! Well done Teddy!!

    I’m gutted we missed it, it looks like a brill party.

    I’m glad you had a safe trip!

    Vic x

  3. Julia

    Cambridge!?! That’s a long way for a party – I’m glad it was fun.

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