What a disastrous day!!

…..It seemed to start out ok when me, Caitlin and Noah went to try a new soft play, which is very cheap!!  Its small but plenty big enough for our kids since it was so quiet.  While we were there I realised I had forgotten Caitlin’s new book bag which she loved so much she took to bed last night!  That was disaster number 1!! 

Meanwhile Richard had contacted United Utilities to come and replace the main electrical supply into the house as it is ancient!  Unfortunately rather than come and assess it and then return (quickly) to replace it, they decided it was downright dangerous and cut us off!!  Fortunately they returned very late this afternoon and replaced it which is great and we now can feel sure its safe.  Its just a shame Richard has had no power or heat all day again!! 

This afternoon me and Noah went to play group at Caitlin’s school. Play group finishes 30 minutes earlier than Caitlin does and she spied us leaving!!  She was then convinced we’d forgotten her and got upset.  Once I had gone back to get her she had calmed down but on the walk back to the car she got really upset again and wanted Daddy.  We were going there anyway so we set off, she then got more and more upset on the drive and was totally hysterical once we got there.  Even when she saw Richard she was so upset she then ran back towards Elvis (my mini) which was parked on our new road which is fairly busy!!  She has never run off and was so out of control we were both convinced she was going to run straight out!!!  It took a good hour for her to calm down but even now she has gone to bed but keeps crying and asking where we both are!!  Luckily she is also still asking to go to school tomorrow and has even asked to do her homework that she got this afternoon so fingers crossed she’ll be ok tomorrow!!  Next Thursday I’ll be collecting her 30 mins early so it definitely won’t happen again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a day…roll on tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!! (No photo’s cos I forgot my camera….)

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  1. OMG what a nightmare! Poor Caitlin I can totally see why she would have thought you forgot her! As for running off almost into the road- EEEK! I know she is sooo good about not running off so that must have freaked you out. Did you hear about Vic getting her car stolen? I think it’s been a crap day all around!

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