Day 2 and the house….

Day 2 at pre-school also went well.  Today’s highlight was colouring a picture of a motorbike as that was what she got for Christmas!!  She coloured it in really well, and the teacher seems really pleased with how well she’s settling in.  Its really funny, Caitlin either loves somewhere or hates it…and all instantly!  When we went for her look around she loved the teacher and was already familiar with the school from play group so I felt fairly confident she’d settle in quite well and she has.  My friend has a theory on it…she thinks if the parent had a good school experience then they “accidentally” pass on good vibes.  I LOVED school and it looks like it has passed on….

The house is coming on, progress is slow due to obstacles, but things like this always present obstacles!  Richard has hit a stalling point with replacing the water and gas pipes as he needs to take out a tree which needs permission as we’re in a conservation area.  Electricity is coming on and tomorrow we should be getting a temporary consumer unit and 2 plug sockets so Richard will have power at last!   We’ve had a new damp survey done as the last people seemed a bit melodramatic and it would seem they were as we don’t need all the work they said.  The floor boards in the living room don’t seem to be coming up too well so its not likely we’ll be able to sand them which is a shame, so I’ll have to find some very “dirt hiding” carpet….


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  1. SCM

    How about laying some laminate over a membrane thing?

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