Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

We celebrated by going out for tea with Squidge and family and then going bowling…  Tea took a while as they were pretty busy but the kids all seemed to enjoy destroying the pencil set they got to distract them while we waited!!  After that it was time to go bowling!  We went bowling last year although we didn’t bother getting the kids a game (well Noah wasn’t even walking never mind bowling!!) but this year we got them 2 games so Caitlin and Noah shared one.  They loved it we’ll have to go again!  We can take Nan next time she visits!!

I couldn’t believe they actually had shoes to fit them as well…..


…Caitlin just kept saying how slippy they were!!  Mr Strong loved picking up the bowling balls and even carried them over to the lane himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We only had one game but with 4 adults and 2 kids playing it took plenty long enough!  I know Simon won but not sure of the rest…me and Richard don’t really care about who wins anyway we just like the playing!!


We only lasted until 10pm as Noah and Squidge we’re seriously flagging by then….  Noah almost fell asleep but woke up to take his last shot….


I told Caitlin we could go bowling again next year and so she asked all the way home if she could go again yet…I think she really really enjoyed herself!!!!!!!!!  Noah was fast asleep in the 5 mins it took us to get home….

So Happy New Year everyone…..and what a hectic year we have……



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2 responses to “Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

  1. Happy new year to you all, bowling sounds like great fun, Have never thought about taken my kids.

    Just think you will have a new little one joining in next year 🙂

  2. Happy New Year! I had a good time- even with the insanely slow service and Squidge having meltdown after meltdown! I just kept thinking it was better than last year and will be even better next year, especially when I think of the little bambino you’ll be carrying around!

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