Deliveries and dinner!

Yesterday we had our first delivery of materials to the new house!  The delivery van pretty much followed me there with our new door and 2 solid beech worktops!


We’re not quite up to worktops just yet but they were half price  so we snapped them up!  The door was also 1/3 off so we had to get that too although hopefully we’ll be needing that pretty soon!  While I waited for the delivery there was 5 mins to strip wall paper off the living room walls.  As with our bedroom almost all of  it came off in whole sheets….


…in fact it comes off so perfectly maybe we should sell it as vintage wallpaper!!!!!!

Later on we went for tea in our new local pub!  It was very nice as usual and we all ate loads!


Nan has now gone home.  Caitlin and Noah are both missing her……  I know Nan is missing them both but I bet she is glad to be spared reading one of a set of 9 books Caitlin got for Christmas!!  Poor Nan has read each one several times already!!!!!!

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One response to “Deliveries and dinner!

  1. SCM

    Looks like you’ve all had a really great time. Guests, presents, food – sounds good to me.

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