Christmas dinner take 2!!

Yesterday was time for Christmas dinner again!  This time it was my turn to cook for less people thank God!  I forgot the devils on horseback but apart from that it was ok!


Everyone ate loads and what little leftovers there were went towards frozen meals for Caitlin and Noah…  After dinner it was time for dessert.  Despite defrosting for over 4 hours our cheesecake was still frozen even though it should have only taken 2.5 hours…  But the other went down well including the cake and candles.  Noah has adapted “happy birthday” and has started singing “Happy Christmas to you” to the same tune when he sees a cake and candles!!!!!!!!!!!!  He is really funny!


Later on there was time for Nan to read lots of stories to Caitlin…


…and then to play guitars……..




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2 responses to “Christmas dinner take 2!!

  1. looks like another fun dinner! Es almost got that same guitar from FC but we decided on a saxophone instead!

  2. Julia

    Looks like another fun day at your house!

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