Lets dress up!!

Today we have spent the day dressing up and playing on the motorbikes!!  They both got Lightening McQueen racing driver outfits which they wore on their bikes….


We also have some hilarious videos of the bikes in action…Noah has no idea how to stop!!  And poor Caitlin has been run off the road many times!  Again I will upload them once Richard has shrunk them a bit…  Caitlin also dressed up as a princess……..


We also did a bit of sale shopping but the kitchen we like isn’t in the sale and its still cheaper than all of those now in the sale…  Didn’t take us long to establish that though so we were done in plenty of time for the above dressing up and bike riding!  They are both now in bed ready for Nan’s arrival tomorrow which will no doubt mean more present opening!!!!!!  Where are we going to put all these toys I wonder…ahh well never mind!


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