Christmas Day….

…was chaotic!  We started the day with stocking in their bedrooms where there was of course no motorbike….  Caitlin then came downstairs and seemed really pleased to see a motorbike and announced “I like it” and shouted to tell Noah there where motorbikes!!!  Will upload the video when I have more time!  But here she is in her high vis vest pretending to be the AA.  For those that don’t know us..minis break down a lot and so we meet the AA a lot!!  Caitlin seemed to instantly know who she was and started pretending to fix Noah’s bike!!!!!!!!!!


After the bikes the other big hit was a bit of an impulse buy to even out the present pile sizes… A fifi blow up sofa bed!  They both loved it….


Noah wasn’t keen to open his presents after a while…he just said no when we asked him to open them, but once we opened for him most of them got a wow but he still wouldn’t do the next one!  We also opened presents from Alex, Grandma and Grandad while they phoned.  They got really lovely wooden jigsaws, a wooden kitchen and some more Thomas bits…  After a quick call to Nan it was time to set off for Nanny and Grandad’s house….  Where we were met with another mountain of presents!


…they got guitars, books, crayons and a climbing frame for our garden!!!!!!!  Then it was my sisters turn to give her presents…


It was almost time for dinner and the rest of the family started turning up!  This year was fairly small as 3 people were going elsewhere and my Great Uncle had a hangover (from FIVE days ago!!) – apparently he was in a bad way and has only just been able to speak again!!!!!!!!!!  That is some drinking session!!  So there were only 14 people to dinner…


Caitlin had a massive plate full but gave it a good go eating over half plus a load of sausages wrapped in bacon!!


(ooop’s Noah looks like he is choking in the background…he’s not I just forgot to chop him off making silly faces…)  Noah didn’t eat much of his dinner obviously saving room for his mini ice-creams!!


After dinner it was time for present swapping.  I’m not sure if you can imagine the chaos of 14 people all swapping presents all at once, just look at that pile of presents behind Caitlin!! 


I think it still shell shocks Richard..the rest of us are just used to it!  Caitlin’s home made presents went down well and even made one person cry she was so impressed!!


Finally it was time for us to venture home…not surprisingly they fell asleep the second they got in the car….  Another mad but great Christmas day!!


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  1. Donna Hunter

    We are back online, (made Carl jnr fork out for new router, pillock made old one so safe fort knox would have found it impossible to get in!!) So love all your work you are fabulous parents and should be told that. I’m so proud to be able to tell people of how good you both are. I’ve had painkillers and two cans of ccccccider and so wwill sign off. loving your blogggg DonnaXXXXXXXXXXXX

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