Presents are done and the reindeer are fed!

Finally we have finished the Christmas presents……..  It has been hard work and next year I’m sticking to boxes of chocs!!!  Caitlin is very pleased with her work though and Noah has joined in a lot more than I thought he would!!  His help has been very scary and sometimes a big hindrance!!  Caitlin has actually been helpful.

Just before bed we fed the reindeer…..


and discovered on the step 2 little parcels…..


Inside were new PJ’s from Father Christmas!!!  He must have known they would want to look all smart for him in the night and for photo’s in the morning so he must have dropped those off early!!!!!!!!  Both have gone to bed all ready for presents in the morning……….

Can’t wait!  So Merry Christmas everyone and I’ll be posting soon with our Christmas day antics….



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2 responses to “Presents are done and the reindeer are fed!

  1. SCM

    Hope you all had a great time

  2. What a good idea about the jammies! Squidge had a great time but really didn’t get the build up. Looking forward to next year when the lead up to it will get interesting.

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