Christmas catch up!!

Time is running out on us!  We’re very behind with our Christmas present making but we have all day tomorrow so hopefully we can catch up! 

Today we caught up with Caitlin and Noah’s friends whose presents were complete!  They all had a great time.  I had planned a little something for them all to do but they were playing so nicely on there own I left them to it.  We swapped presents and my little houses went down well….


I can now reveal them since all the owners have had theirs apart from Cailtin and Noah (who’s getting a garage version!)  Not fantastic pics… but here’s the inside!


I got the pattern from here… If you look at more recent posts there is a section showing all different ones that people have made using her pattern..I can send mine in now and say thanks!!

Caitlin and Noah got some playdoh and books as their presents.  Caitlin loves her doll dressing up book and I had been meaning to get them more playdoh but decided I’d spent enough so that will be good for them to play with.  Noah has been quiet and sleepy all day..I thought he was better but obviously not.  I’m sure he’ll love his pressies when he’s back to full speed!

Also we’ve been over at the new house making a start on removing the odd thing that was left like a shelf and cupboard.  We’ve also stripped all the paper off the walls in the big bedroom.  It came off way too easily but the damp will be solved when the heating is done.  We’ve also met our neighbours and they are all lovely.  All inviting us in and offering loads of help from cups of tea to babysitting!!  Can’t wait to move in now, not that our current neighbours are bad its just so much more friendly up there…..


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  1. OMG I can’t begin to tell you how much Squidge loves that bag! We went out for a curry tonight and it came with us! If you’re going to make more I might have to hire/pay you to make me a few. The barn one looks sooo freaking cute- what a fantastic idea.

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