We got keys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We’ve got the keys to our new house!!  The excitement is slightly dulled by the fact our financial adviser is a complete moron!!!!  He knew full well our intention was to buy this run down house stay living in ours while we do the work and then move in and rent ours out!  He has managed to get us a mortgage where we’re not allowed to live in our current house..it has to be rented out!!  And the worst part was we had ONE WEEK to move out and rent it from completion!!!!!!!!!!  Obviously this was never going to work and luckily our solicitor has managed to save the day and we have 3 months to move out!  This is still a very tight deadline but far more possible that one week would ever be.  So expect lots of DIY posts and panic’s as to whether we will hit our deadline of March 19th………………………



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4 responses to “We got keys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Vic

    Congratulations on the keys, but OMG what a plonker your advisor has been!!

    I cannot wait to see the new house. At least you’ll have enough holly for a xmas wreath….


  2. Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! I bet it feels good to have that over and done with! God what an idiot! Good thing your solicitor was able to take care of it. Good luck- I know you’re going to need it.

  3. Teddy

    Congrats and well done. We got your card today – very impressed. Good luck with your DIY, rather you than me. Have a great Christmas and New Year. xx

  4. SCM

    Oh congrats! And good luck with all the work.
    Hope the new house turns out all you hoped and more x

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