Catch up!

We’ve been very busy this week, infact we’re supposed to be very busy today too but Caitlin is currently in bed!!  She’s not well…nothing serious just a bad cold but still not nice.  We’re supposed to be out to a party this afternoon so I hope she can sleep the worst off this morning and then manage a party all dosed up!

On Monday was Monday Tot’s Christmas party.  There was a bouncy castle and party food…  As you can see Caitlin loved the bouncy castle…


Eventually all of the Mum’s decided to join in too..not sure if they spotted me taking this pic….


As we left Caitlin and Noah each got a little present, Caitlin got a book and Noah got a musical box, which they both loved.  On Monday afternoon we got on with our Christmas presents…time is going much quicker than I thought and we are getting quite behind!

On Tuesday Caitlin had her trial session at school!  She loved it, I stayed with her but she completely ignored me the whole time except when she needed the loo and then she came to find me.  She kept saying how she had be playing with her friends afterwards so I think she’s going to have a great time in January.

Wednesday we went out for a Christmas lunch with the people from my old work which was nice.  Noah was fascinated by the Christmas tree and just kept pointing at it!  In the evening it was final Mini Club of the year and time for trophies and secret santa presents. The concourse trophy was won by a bini owner…no surprise his car is in better condition that the old minis but it does also include things like clean interior etc which isn’t down to age!!  Our secret santa was very thoughtful and split his budget between Caitlin and Noah and they had a present each to open!  Inside was a light and sound bini which Noah is totally in love with, he even wanted to take it to bed with him!!


…and here is everyone just enjoying the party….


Right best get back to those Christmas presents…Noah is giving Caitlin a helping hand since she’s ill!!


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