Another party!!

I’ve always thought distraction/getting on with it is the best medicine!!  So I asked Caitlin if she was well enough to go to the party and she said yes.  She was a bit quiet but managed to eat a bit of food….


Noah thoroughly enjoyed his chocolate cake and ice cream and even managed not to get any on himself!!


…once Caitlin had eaten she perked up a bit which was good because it was time for a story from Father Christmas.  He told them all about the reindeer and how to remember their names!  Didn’t work on me cos I’ve forgotten already!  Then they each got a chance to go and talk to FC….


..again Caitlin said she wanted a Dora motorbike!  Good really cos she has got a motorbike…not a Dora one but still a motorbike…  The party was great, it was in a soft play centre and there were only 17 kids attending so it was lovely and quiet.  At the end there was just chance to get a photo of the 4 of them together!  I try this everytime we meet and normally fail badly!  Today I got a few where they are all looking and smiling!!!!!!!!!


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