The jeans fairy!!

Yesterday the jeans fairy arrived in our house!!  I won a pair of jeans on ebay in the style I thought was gone forever!!  And then I was in town so just tried again on the off chance and they had a pair in the right size but too long…I can hem so I got them at less than half price too!!!!!  Then my Mum was out shopping and she also managed to get TWO pairs in the right size and right length!!!!!!!!  So I possibly have 4 pairs of jeans!!!!!!  I say possibly because I haven’t seen my Mum’s yet…and last week she was confused as to what I was after and from what I could figure out was looking for the wrong thing!  If she has got the right thing then I will take mine that are too long back.  I am slightly concerned that for the next 22 weeks I will look like I haven’t changed my jeans once but better than walking around in my pj’s!!!!!!!!!! 

(btw I know I have 23 weeks left but I am intending for number 3 to be a week early so have only counted the next 22 weeks lol!! Wishful thinking hey!!  Besides I have a request for May 14th and I don’t want to disappoint!!!!!!!!)

The reason I was in town yesterday was because I was doing market research on breakfast biscuits!  I don’t think I can go into too much detail but 3 out of the 4 flavours were very nice…  And the £60 envelope I got was even nicer!!!!!!


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  1. £60 for eating biscuits? Tell them to come down (or is that up?) here.

    Hope the jeans all work perfectly , i spent most of pregnancy wearing the same jeans (different jeans but had a few pairs all the same) and the same jumper (only one of those) , think people must have thought i never changed .

    Hope number 3 arrives when he is meant to, were you early with the otherS?

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