16 and a half weeks!

I went for a blood test today so thought I’d do a little update on number 3!  I still have no symptoms etc…. I’m not tired, no heartburn, no strange tastes in my mouth, no weird food fads etc etc!  I have however felt the baby move, well I think I have…  I thought I could feel it for a few weeks but its not getting any more definite so maybe I am imagining it!  I’m getting a bit of a bump but just like Caitlin and Noah its really high and my normal jeans are still comfy which is very good news considering my jeans crisis I will be having as soon as my normal jeans don’t fit!  I only like one style of jeans and so far I have searched everywhere and only one shop stock(ed) them….and now they have also discontinued that style!!!!!!!!!!!  I get the feeling my choice of jeans is not popular!!  So now I am searching ebay for when I do outgrow my jeans!!

So aside from my jeans problem…all is going well, I feel fine and I’m planning for another home birth…one just like Noah would be good….the only question is where it will be…here or the new house??!!


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  1. Julia

    I love hearing about your developing ‘bump’

    I remember the stage when the jeans barely fit too 🙂 horrible thinking you have to switch to maternity but yet totally exciting too. Fun times!

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