Father Christmas at the Chill Factore

Grotto!!  That’s how the Father Christmas experience at Chill Factore was described!!  To me a grotto is a bit of a build up to seeing Father Christmas, usually a few displays of reindeer’s or other snowy scene’s, usually with scary moving models!!  Not at the Chill Factore….this is the whole of the grotto in this next picture!!  I promise you none of it is left out…and that blurry lump sticking out in the bottom left is the wall!!!


I was all for complaining about the “nook” that poor FC had to work with for everyone’s £6.50!  But to his credit, Father Christmas himself was the nicest FC I have ever come across.  Caitlin is normally frozen with fear when she gets nearer than a few metres from him (or anyone else in a scary costume) but he spent quite a while talking to her asking her questions and she even spoke to him to tell him her wish list…..


…on her list is a Dora motorbike, marshmallows and a caterpillar!!  Noah had his turn with FC while Caitlin was building up the courage to get a bit nearer….  He was completely unafraid and happily sat there talking and shaking hands with him!!  According to Caitlin on Noah’s list is a motorbike and a scooter…  He says he wants a motorbike (because whatever Caitlin says he repeats!) and a rabbit!! 


After FC had redeemed the whole non-grotto we went to play in the snow where Caitlin and Noah had rides on the polar bear….


…and they went on the slightly dangerous slide!  The steps up to it were covered in packed down snow and the top of the slide was also icy, you could see them slipping about as the tried to sit down ready to slide.  Then the end of the slide was a bit abrupt as both Noah and Caitlin discovered..only managed to catch Noah though….


He soon recovered and was happy again.


To warm up we went for dinner in Chicquitos where Noah thought his corn on the cob was a lollypop…maybe the slide landing did affect him after all………


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  1. I think the kids did a fantastic job w/ FC! I will be going back for the snow bit- fun day out for the kiddies and they have a CHILI’S there!! Wal thinks it’s the American chain restaurant and if it is I will DIE of happiness! Sorry I had to bail today- Squidge is running a 101 fever and is just miserable and clingy!

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