A sign I might be getting old…

…or Richard is just rubbing off on me!  Yesterday I dropped Caitlin and Noah off at my Mum’s so that we could go out on the Mini Christmas do!  I decided to go to town to get a few last bits for them that I needed to buy out of sight….  Normally I LOVE the hecticness of Christmas shopping…loads of queues, too many people etc!  Richard has always said I am mad for this, but the packed out shops just make me feel all Christmassy.  Yesterday though I just thought my arms were going to drop off and my fingers still hurt from where the bags cut into them!!!  So either I am getting old or Richards short temper with the whole Christmas shopping experience has rubbed off on me!!  Mind you I am not at all used to carrying a bag anymore..they always go on the pram and I didn’t have that!

Caitlin and Noah had a great time at Nanny’s decorating her tree.  We had a good night out too but I was freezing all night..smart tops just aren’t warm enough!!!!!!!!!!

Today when we got back to ours Caitlin and Noah saw our tree up and the tunnel of lights Richard has created in the hallway!  Noah is so so so excited about all the decorations..how long will they last I wonder???!!!!  Caitlin liked them but wasn’t quite as over excited as Noah!

Tomorrow is very exciting…we are off to see Father Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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2 responses to “A sign I might be getting old…

  1. I hate hate hate crowds and refuse to wait in line to pay during xmas. I went to JL today and there were about 15 people waiting, I just left my basket on the floor and left! Thank jebus for online shopping!!

  2. Vic

    You are SO brave going city centre shopping on any Saturday, let alone one near Christmas!! he he!

    I think we need to get our lights up soon. I can’t wait!

    I had a successful day at JL today but went early, which was lovely! 🙂

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