I was out in the kitchen making toast this morning and it all went quiet!!!!!!!!!!  I grabbed my camera and this is what I found………


Fortunately there wasn’t anything that could have caused a disaster in there!!!!!!!!!  And this wasn’t the first time she has done this today!!  I came in later to find Noah with no jeans about to get a clean bum.  She used to do this but hasn’t for a while…could get very messy if I’m not on the ball!!!!!!!!



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3 responses to “Helpful…..

  1. Teddy

    How adorable is that?! Chloe does the same for Max and as he is not potty trained it is often a quick dash to put a nappy on before disaster strikes…..Its a shame as she is only trying to be helpful.

  2. OMG, that is too funny.

  3. Kids 🙂 . Rebecca does this to Ru ALL THE TIME and it really bugs me. Its normally when im making breakfast and end up trying to finish it off while making toast.

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