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Thank you Nan!!

Our postie has just been with a parcel for Caitlin and Noah….they got to work straight away opening it….


Inside was an advent calendar and a really cool miniature Christmas tree….


And so we made it and now its sat on our fireplace!!  I know its a tiny bit early for Christmas trees but I’ve been dying to put ours up for ages!!  I’m very close to finishing my shopping and I can’t wait to wrap them all and put them under the tree although I have a feeling I may need to take them back from under the tree once a certain little Noah spies them……  Here they both are with the finished tree.  Caitlin has very wild hair in the morning, I might try to get a better picture tomorrow.  We’re off out to the Christmas Markets today and then I have my first Christmas do outing to Chiquitos!!!


So Happy Christmas everyone…only 27 days to go!!  Hopefully Richard will find out his shifts soon so we can make plans and get really excited!!!!!!


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Swimming and playgroup.

Today Noah has been swimming!!  He had a good time and loved running around in the showers afterwards…  While him and Richard were there, me and Caitlin went to playgroup.  I got to talk to loads of people, normally I’m running round making sure they are both ok either playing in the ball pool which is in a different room, or making sure they’re not destroying the creative table!!  Today Caitlin made 2 Christmas decorations which loked really good. 

Tonight they have managed to finish off making their Christmas cards so I just need to add the finishing touches and then get them both to “write” them…..

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Off to the zeeum!

Richard asked Caitlin where she wanted to go today…Manchester Museum or the Transport Museum.  She chose Manchester Zeeum!  So off we went….  Noah loved the animals, but was convinced that every skeleton we saw was a dinosaur!  He knows loads of the animals in his book as I said the other day, but he also recognised the stuffed versions which was good as it means he does actually know what an Eagle looks like not just recognising its place in the book…


Caitlin jumped a mile when the frog in the picture jumped forward towards the glass….


Caitlin also loved all the animals and mummy’s etc but the thing she seemed most amazed by was a bus passing the window to which she shouted “wow a bus”!!!!!

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Out and about…

We’ve been out and about recently but I haven’t taken many pictures!  Over the weekend we just did some shopping….I think we have almost all of our Christmas shopping now, well Christmas supplies…still need to turn those into presents!  Yesterday we went out for lunch which was good and Linda took some pic’s of E, Caitlin and Noah with Elvis….  I took one shot the same as her but mine is a bit duller so I’ll show you my close up (to see a better version go over to Chronicles of squidgyboo)…..


Today we’ve been out doing more shopping with Nanny, Grandad and Amy!  I did all the shops so now I am ready to do the Christmas markets with Linda on Friday!  I only have one person left to buy for and thats Richard….hmmmmm I have no idea what to get him….

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1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8…..clever clogs!

Sometimes you can be a bit too clever!!!  On Tuesday I told Noah he could have some grapes once he had finished his butty… He said all gone so I asked him to show me his hands.  He lifted one up so I then said and the other one…  He then put the raised hand down (switched the butty) and put the other hand up (now empty!) I then said both hands together so he shoved the rest of his butty in his mouth and showed both hands!  That is way too clever for a 21 month old.  In fact I’m sure something like that wouldn’t cross Caitlin’s mind even now. 

Aside from devious clever Noah is actually quite bright in a general sense, he is making little sentences sometimes of 4 or 5 words and tonight while waiting to get in the bath he counted to 8 with no prompting!!  We also have an animal book which he knows about half of the 100 in there and it covers all kinds of weird animals like meercats, eagle, goose, cow etc which he can say and point at.  There are also a few which he doesn’t name himself but will point to if you say like crab, ant, mouse.  He also recognises the letters a and b.

He copies absolutely everything Caitlin says and does I’m sure this is what is spurring him on!  Very soon they will be at the same stage!

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Mr Lee was here for 10 minutes max!  Not sure if that is a good sign…although not sure good in what sense I mean…good he’ll buy..arrghhh or good he’s not interested phewwww!

Me and Richard view houses like that, we must have been in our house max 10 mins and we offered without a 2nd viewing!  I think we are odd though and most other people would ask questions and linger a bit more!

We shall see……..

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To sell or not to sell!!

Today we have a viewing on the house!!  It really couldn’t have come at a worse time and since its such bad timing sods law says he will love it and offer an acceptable amount!  There is no way we can turn a good offer down but an offer is so inconvenient at the moment!!

We have two good reasons to accept an offer…

1. Buyers are hard to come by at the moment!

2. It will clear our mortgage again!

I have about a million reasons why selling is not good at the moment!…

1. We have 3 mini’s, a mini trailer and a stretch mini van which do not even come close to fitting at our new house!

2. We have a garage FULL of stuff (big stuff! like pool table, bed, bikes etc) that doesn’t fit in our new house!

3. Our new house is no where even close to habitable!

4. Our new house has no chance of being habitable before we would have to complete on this house even if we really drag it out!

5. We have just shelled out £2000 on sorting financing on our house which would be money down the drain!

I know that isn’t a million reasons (although numbers 1 & 2 are major and count for lots more than their one each suggests!!) but I’m so distracted looking for dust and dirt I can’t think of more!  Only 2 of our friends truly appreciate the scale of numbers 1 & 2…they have mini’s and have been near to our garage – you can’t get in it it’s so full..and it is not a small garage!!  I have had an offer of a temp home for 1 mini but 2 of our mini’s have no wheels so I have no idea how we could transport them somewhere!

Ahhh well I’m sure I will be posting more once Mr Lee has been this afternoon…maybe all this panicking will be unnecessary….

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